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Falls Church Healthcare
900 S. Washington Street
Falls Church, VA 22046

Other name it goes by:
Commonwealth Women's Center
Gentle Healthcare for Women

Former Clinic Worker, Abortion Activist: "We Created a Monster"

Owner: Rosemary Codding, Wayne Codding
Rosemary Codding with Jim Moran eulogize late-term abortionist George Tiller (dedicate a memorial garden at their abortion site)

Links for more information:
Gresinger, Codding, Match - lawsuit case
Falls Church Healthcare Center, Inc

Thomas Gresinger
(For more info see the Eaton Site heading.)
Va Board of Medicine - Mon-Fri at this site
Also at the Landmark Site

Abortionist: Jan Paul Fruiterman
(See more information at the Eaton Site heading)
Va Board of Medicine - Mon,Wed, Fri, Sat at this site

Other Abortionist at this site: Regene Feuer

Regene Feuer -
see her listing under the Eaton Site heading - also treats for opiod dependence
Also does business at:
- American Women's Services
- Annandale Women & Family Center
- NOVA Women's Healthcare

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington:
370 S. Washington Street, Ste 300
Falls Church, VA

Abortionist: Colin St. Patrick Walters

 - LAWSUIT - 50 Million dollar lawsuit filed against Colin St. Patrick Walters
Walters performed a D&C abortion on a 14-year old and badly botched her up rendering her infertile for the rest of her life.  Planned Parenthood pays $1.5 million in damages.
Settlement against Colin see page 2 of June 2010 Defend Life Newsletter

Abortionists at Planned Parenthood:
Colin St. PatrickWalters:
Va Board of Medicine
District of Columbia
Maryland - License Expired

Leigh Ellen Watlington:
VA Board of Medicine
District of Columbia
Maryland Board of Physicians

Leeroy Mark Clarke:
VA Board of Medicine - Expired
District of Columbia
Maryland Board of Physicians

Planned Parenthood in DC, MD:
1108 16th St NW
Wash DC, 20036

1400 Spring Street, 450
Silver Spring, MD 20910

DUKE SITES - Alexandria

Annandale Women & Family Center
2839 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Other doctors or abortionists working at this abortion center:
Dina H. Darwish - Va Board of Medicine
Mandana Shafai -
Va Board of Medicine
Tri Minh Pham -
Va Board of Medicine
Regene Benayoun Feuer -
Va Board of Medicine

Gynecare Associates, PC
2807 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA

Tues, Thurs, Fri: 9am -5pm
Sat: Noon-1pm
No sedation: 6-10 weeks $400, 11-13 weeks $450

Owner and Abortionist: Anthony Amechi Dunkwu  (picture)

Links for more information:
Anthony Amechi Dunkwu - Virginia Board of Medicine

- Dunkwu peformed an abortion estimating the baby at 10 weeks. He believes he has peforated the woman's uterus by the large amount of bleeding, and has her transported to the hospital by a staff member. At the hospital he misdiagnoses her uterus for a fibroid, performs a hysteromy and removes a lifeless baby who turns out to be 30 weeks old. He failed to perform a sonogram before the abortion to confirm the age. Read details in the Orders filed by the Va Board of Medicine.

- Patients in Peril: How Virginia's Medical System Lets Dangerous Doctors Continue to Practice

Other doctor or abortionist:
Eteakamba J. Udoh (picture)

Eteakamba J. Udoh - VA Board of Medicine

LANDMARK SITE - Alexandria
Alexandria Women's Health Clinic
Landmark Towers, Suite 215
101 S Whiting Street
Alexandria, VA

Mon-Fri: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Sat: 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

Linwood Turner
Abortionist: Linwood Turner

Location: Washington, DC
Settlement: 1994
Practitioner Comments:  Uterane perforatory occurred during an early pregnancy termination.  Event was recognized and immediately treated, settled out of court.

Location: Washington, DC
Settlement: 1998
Practitioner Comments: Patient alleges untimely diagnosis of a tubal ectopic pregnancy and unnecessary surgery for management of such court trial with hung jury, settled out of court.

Linwood Turner - Va Board of Medicine

Abortionist: Thomas Gresinger
(For more info see Eaton Site heading)

Manassas Site
Prince William Women's Clinic, Inc (old name) Amethyst Health Center for Women (newer name)
9380-B Forestwood Lane Manassas, VA 20110

Linwood Turner
Abortionist:  Linwood Turner

(See Alexandria Women's Health Clinic for more information on Linwood Turner)
EATON SITE - Fairfax City
NOVA Healthcare or
NOVA Women's Healthcare Clinic
(CLOSED 6/2013)  
10400 Eaton Place, Suite 515
Fairfax, VA 22030
703-691-4141 or 866-691-4141
Mi Yong Kim

Abortion Owner and Abortionist:
Mi Yong Kim
LICENSE SURRENDERED due to violations. 

March 3, 2012 - 911 Call - Troubled Virginia Clinic Puts Bleeding Botched Abortion Patient in Hospital

- 2007 woman almost died
- 2002 died after an abortion by Kim
- 2007 Kim incurred violations and eventually surrendered her license - see link to Notices and Orders (from VA Board of Medicine) for details.

Read the abuses and women's death on the link below - once there scroll close to the bottom and read the violations under the heading "Virginia Board of Medicine Notices and Orders", it will say "Click Here" to obtain the history of abuses and death of woman".  They are in pdf files you can download. Also listed below under Collection of Docs.   Mi Yong Kim

*Listed on the building's board as Northern Virginia Women's Healthcare, name changes but also goes by NOVA Healthcare. Mi Yong Kim's name is not listed but Thomas Gresinger's (Abortionist).

Links for More Information:
Mi Yong Kim- Virginia Board of Medicine (read the horror stories)
Mi Yong Kim - New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct
Death - Mi Yong Kim owned Landmark Women's Center in Alexandria
Collection of Docs - More documentation on Mi Yong Kim
Thomas Gresinger - 2 million lawsuit won against Gresinger, woman dies
Gresinger and Codding- - joint owners of abortion centers, lawsuit case

Abortionist - Jan Paul Fruiterman
At this site on Thursday

Links for More Information
 Jan Fruiterman - Va Board of Medicine
 Jan Fruiterman - Scorecards from patients
 Jan Fruiterman - Medical Malpractice-Wrongful Death

From VA Board of Medicine Profile for Fruiterman
Paid Claims

Location: Fairfax, VA
Year: 2003
Practitioner Comments: Fetal demise allegedly due to failure to diagnose HELLP syndrome

Joel Match
Abortionist: Joel Match

LICENSE SUSPENDED due to the abuse of prescribing narcotic drugs

Joel Match (moved to kill babies at the Hillcrest Clinic in Norfolk) and also worked at Chantilly Specialists a pain clinc which closed following following the arrest of the owner Paul Boccone for illegally selling prescription narcotics.

June 1, 2012 - Troubled Virginia Abortionist Suspended Over Drug Charges (as reported by Operation Rescue)

Abusive history Lawsuits: Other Abortionists/Abortion workers at this site:
Daniel Noonan - VA Board of Medicine
History of Notices and Orders

Regene Feuer - has a Pain and Treatment Center at this site for opiod dependence called Virginia Pain and Addiction Treatment Center (VPAT)

Anesthesiologist at this site:
Seung K. Hong- VA Board of Medicine

Possible abortionist at this site:
Markyia Nichols - VA Board of Medicine

YORKTOWN 50 Site - Fairfax County

American Women's Services
Other Name: Virginia Health Group
8316 Arlington Blvd
Fairfax, VA 22031 1-800-854-7280

Abortion Owner - Steven Chase Brigham
(Not licensed in VA) CHARGED WITH MURDER , charges dropped due to expert witness backing out on claims, investigation continues. Detailed report by Operation Rescue.

Brigham was ordered to CEASE and DESIST (stop performing abortions) by the Maryland Board of Physicians.. He is not licensed in Maryland  -  botched abortion on 18-yr old.

  - Elkton, MD police found 35 frozen dead babies(20-35 weeks)

-  numerous atrocities listed at other states  (Google search)

- license suspended in New Jersey

- license suspended in Pennsylvania  and abortion business ordered closed

Abortionist - Craig Cropp
at this Fairfax site: Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat

at Virginia Beach site at 224 Groveland Road: Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat

Other Abortionist at this site:
Regene Feuer
- See Regene under the EATON SITE heading

Links for more information:
Brigham owns American Women's Services/a in four states - New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia Craig Cropp - see this link from the Virginia Board of Medicine profile on Craig Cropp, scroll to the bottom and see list of Actions Taken (also listed below) and Notices and Orders. History of disciplines, suspensions, and terminations of clinical privileges before being reinstated.
Actions Taken As reported in the VA Board of Medicine on Craig Cropp:

Practitioner has had a disciplinary action taken by a professional licensing board in a state other than Virginia, or by a federal health institution, federal agency, or the voluntary surrender of a license in a state other than Virginia while under investigation

Date: 2006
Entity Taking Action: Maryland Board of Physicians
Action Taken: Suspension of license based on actions of Virginia Board of Medicine. Practitioner has had an action taken by healthcare institutions, other practitioners, insurance companies, health maintenance organizations or professional organizations that resulted in a suspension or revocation of privileges or the termination of employment

Date: 1999
Entity Taking Action: Wythe County Community Hospital
Action Taken: reprimand

Date: 1999
Entity Taking Action: Wythe County Community Hospital
Action Taken: revocation of clinical privileges

Date: 2000
Entity Taking Action: New River Valley Medical Center
Action Taken: suspension of privileges base upon the suspension of privileges at Wythe County Community Hospital

Date: 2000
Entity Taking Action: Wythe County Community Hospital
Action Taken: termination of clinical privileges

Date: 2001
Entity Taking Action: Pulaski Community Hospital
Action Taken: revocation of membership on the medical staff

Date: 2001
Entity Taking Action: Pulaski Community Hospital
Action Taken: summary suspension of priviliges


Drs. Fruiterman & Solos-Kountouris, P.C.
BURKE, VA 22015
Phone: 703-425-5100

13880 Braddock Road
Suite 307
Centreville, Virginia 20121
Phone: 703-378-8994

Abortionist: Eleni Solos-Kountouris

Eleni Solos-Kountouris - VA Board of Medicine 
Pending - March 29, 2012 - Allegations made she "falsely documented in Medicaid reimbursement forms completed and filed for Patients A, B, and C that it was medically necessary for each of these patients to electively terminate their respective pregnancies based on psychological/psychosocial reasons, despite the fact that insufficient evidence existed to support those claims. Board to convene end of June 2012.

Jan Paul Fruiterman
Abortionist - Jan Paul Fruiterman
- See information at the Eaton Site heading

Abofreka, RK MD  
5047-A Backlick Rd
Annandale, VA 22003


reffat abofreka
Abortionist and owner:
Reffat Kamel Abofreka -

Links for other information:
  • Reffat Kamel Abofreka - Va Board of Medicine  (History of license suspensions from South Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and substandard care.)
  • May 3, 2011 - Virginia Board of Medicine denies Abofreka's petition for reinstatement of his license to practice medicine and surgery in Virginia.